Affordable Honeymoon Ideas

Affordable Honeymoon Ideas

Affordable Honeymoon Ideas

After months or even years of planning and executing a wedding, your honeymoon is the time for the two of you to relax, settle in, and start enjoying your time together as you embark on your journey as a family. You also need to make the most of this time.

It’s important to focus on what you want out of a honeymoon: For most couple is a time to be alone together, have a lot of fun together, make conclusions on the many plans they had before the wedding and lay down strategy on how to build their home into what they have imagined.

Below is a list containing affordable but fun-filled honeymoon ideas.

1) Go Camping

A week long camping trip is a fantastic way to see how you mesh together as a couple. You’re put in a low impact “survival” situation where it’s just the two of you and nature. You have a chance to see how your new spouse handles themselves when left with the basics of life. There are amazing national parks in most countries.

2) Stay-cation

You don’t have to go anywhere for a honeymoon. In fact, the tradition of taking a honeymoon vacation is a relatively new one. Prior to the 19th century, a honeymoon involved staying home together for a month to get to know each other physically. Think of how blissful it could be to take a full month off work, disconnect from the outside world, and focus entirely on projects together. You may not be wowing your friends and family with pictures of some exotic location, but they’ll be envious of your escape from the rat race nonetheless.

3) Getaway-vacation

People tend to overspend on their honeymoon vacations to miami, dubai, Hawaii etc. Going to these places doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need to stay in a 5-star resort. You’re there to be in the atmosphere of the island, not a hotel room. Book a cheap flight and sleep in a hotel alternative, on the beach or in your car. It’s the view in paradise that really matters.

4) Local Fancy Resort

Book an expensive resort, spa, or retreat in the city you live in. While this may seem counter intuitive as a cheap destination, when you consider your savings on airfare and other travel costs, you can afford to be treated like royalty within your own city limits. If you book a honeymoon package, you’ll end up with a lot of free amenities and extra attention. There’s no need to fly halfway across the world to live the good life.

5) Road Trip

The journey is often more fulfilling than the actual destination. If you fly out to some exotic locale, you’ll be stuck on a plane for at least one hour. Use your car if you have one or rent a luxury car, pick a handful of places you each have always wanted to visit, and go on an adventure. You can keep food costs down by packing your own snacks, but it’s always a good idea to sample the local delicacies wherever you go, even if it’s only a few states over.

6) Boat Riding

If the ocean is your thing, a week-long cruise can be really cool. You also have to factor in travel costs to and from the cruise, alcohol, souvenirs, and on-shore excursions. You’ll also be surrounded by people. You can charter your own boat and enjoy the experience in private.

7) Themed Retreats

There are week long retreats all over the world where you can fully immerse yourselves as a couple into a hobby you’re both passionate about. Go on a marriage retreat, a ranch, a vineyard/farm, a backpacking adventure, treasure hunt, or whatever you’re into.

8) Working Honeymoon

Your honeymoon doesn’t have to be a vacation. For a truly memorable experience, dedicate a week to a charity or volunteer organization. Maybe you’ve always wanted to volunteer to help out in a local school, help the homeless, etc. Use the time to do something together as a couple that will fulfill you spiritually while contributing to the community. Just because you’re on a honeymoon doesn’t mean you can’t be productive.

9) Festivals, Fairs & Special Events

Every city, state, and country has festivals, fairs, and special events. Find one you’re interested in and fix your wedding time close to it, your honeymoon can be a trip to one of these festivals. If you plan your honeymoon at the right time in the right place, the possibilities are endless.

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