For every woman choosing the ultimate wedding dress has always been her desire since when she was a teenager. But when the day eventually approaches you have to go beyond the fantasies and pick the right wedding dress that fit and flatter your body type.

Here are 4 things to have in mind when choosing a wedding dress.

1)      Your body type

The first thing you should take into consideration is your body type.  Try to see if what is in your mind fits your body type. If it doesn’t, consider something else. You should understand that sometimes what you want may not suit your body type, which could be a total disaster. Don’t be in denial, know your body type and stick to the perfect style for it.

2)      The right time to pick a dress

Once you choose a wedding date, the next thing to do is to pick out the dress.  It is very important so that you have enough time to make any sort of adjustments that may arise. If it has handwork, or hand beading, there will be enough time to do it.  Again, the more time you have, the cheaper the dress might be.

3)      Latest trend for brides

The mermaid gowns; are trending, plus size brides love mermaid gowns a lot though slim fit brides can go for the Disney princess style. Fabrics are becoming more and more interesting, you can work with different kind of lace, handmade appliqué, beads, which is now becoming a huge trend.

4)      Number of times to try the Dress

You can go for fitting as many times as you want but, we recommend a minimum of two fittings. When you make the first fitting, usually, the dress is not quite done yet, but by the second fitting the dress is about 80% done. If you plan to use an already make dress, you can spend time visiting several bridal stores until you get something close enough to what you want.

Every bride has her own special requirements. When a bride has a dress in mind for her big day, it’s always quite interesting. It makes the decision making process easier.

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