Epic Love Story

Epic Love Story



Sylvia and Emmanuel have such an inspiring epic love story! Emmanuel actually recognised his wife even in the midst of a seeming unpleasant situation.018

Emmanuel met Sylvia, in a Night Vigil, while he was moving round the church on his night watch as an usher one fateful day. It was a simple moment of helping a young lady who wasn’t feeling so well 6 years ago, and now a wedding is scheduled for August 27th 2016!

Corahub joins the entire management and staff of Multiskills to wish Sylvia & Emmanuel happy planning, beautiful wedding and life ahead.

Emmanuel Narrating:

“I met my fiancée on a Saturday morning [1AM or so]. The vivid date was 01/05/2010. You’d wonder what an odd hour we met. Well,

it is an odd hour but it’s a destined HOUR. I was an usher in the church at this time and as my manner is, I must move around the church premises periodically to observe happenings around.

It was during one of such checks that I ran into the most beautiful girl [woman now] I’d ever seen.

Though the condition that brought us close at first wasn’t to

her favor, I was still able to carve out the strength of her smiles. She wasn’t feeling good and had actually come outside to throw up and that’s how fate led me to the woman I spoke beneath my breath “She’s my wife.” Lol.

Was I right? I left it to God but from that night, I was gonna do my part to make it right and leave God to supply His graces to perfect it. It was either Sylvia or no one, I agreed within me. I offered my helping hand which today, she confesses was the best care anyone has ever shown her in her low moments.

I feel she was in love with me from day one. Huh? She’ll tell that story better. The next day was my birthday and she didn’t fail to send in one of the most heartfelt text messages that further strengthened my conviction to keep her to heart. And after this, our journey began as one that only knew how to climax. The rest is history.”

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