Vendors Can Make or Break Your Event

Vendors Can Make or Break Your Event

Vendors Can Make or Break Your Event

At the heart of a successful event planning is a team of reliable vendors. It can’t be overstated: Your events will be marred by even one bad vendor. Just as a bad apple ruins the lot, one bad vendor may leave a bad image in your visitor’s mind of the event as a whole. Perhaps the florist arrives with wilted and faded centrepieces. Or the singer you hired sounds more like a howling dog than a professional songstress. It’s hard to erase these images from the minds of your client and the attendees. To find top-rate vendors, you must do your due diligence.

The types of vendors you’ll need to hire for events include:

Art director: handles design, computer imaging, etc.

Caterer/bartender: serves food and beverages

Calligrapher: handles lettering on invitations and signage

Decorator: provides décor

Florist: provides floral arrangements

Graphic artist: designs and executes event posters or invitations

Photographer/videographer: photographs, records and preserves the event

Performer: provides entertainment

Transportation/parking personnel: drives and parks vehicles etc

Even if a mistake is a vendor’s fault, the mishap will reflect on you because you’re managing the event. That’s what makes researching vendors so important. Choosing vendors means knowing them and trusting them.

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Vendor portfolio is extremely important because it can save you hours of research time down the road. By having all this information right at your fingertips, you’ll be able to conduct your vendor searches more effectively.